Our Story

A hip addition to Kuwait’s food scene, UGRILL is a destination of choice for both food connoisseurs and casual diners enchanted by the restaurant’s unique representation, ambience and food quality that combine genuine international dining with age-old values of hospitality.

Our succulent plethora of delicious dishes can satisfy the deepest cravings. Our authentic ingredients and edgy blends enhance the taste and tantalize the palate. Our ambience creates an aura of relaxation and sophistication.  

UGRILL’s most unique feature is the establishment of an interactive barbecue dining concept, ultra-modern décor and lighting as well as exquisite and cosy ambience set against the backdrop of a spacious interior which in combination provide the idyllic avenue for diners willing to sample or indulge into Kuwait’s culinary heaven. 

Much of what UGRILL is known for could be summed up in brief: trendy and upscale avenue that offers an exclusive take on modern dining with the satisfaction for nuanced palate and tastes. 

Our restaurant has created the contemporary concept of dining. We are the first restaurant in Kuwait to feature an embedded live electric grill that has established the unique dining concept for diners looking to break the routine and to interactively cook their own dish much to their liking. 


Our biggest success factor is our passion about the food we make, the guests we welcome and about creating the ultimate premium dining experience that makes UGRILL a unique and unforgettable culinary stop.

Featuring pasta, ribs, steak, burgers, seafood, pizza and an expansive range of entrees and desserts, the UGRILL’s menu truly offers something for everyone.