UGrill's most unique feature is the establishment of an interactive barbecue dining concept, ultra-modern decor and lighting as well as exquisite and cosy ambience setagainst the backdrop of a spacious interior which in combination provide the idyllic avenue for diners willing to sample or indulge into Kuwait's culinary heaven.

Much of what UGRILL is known for could be summed up in brief: trendy and upscale avenue that offers an exclusive take on modern dining with the satisfaction for nuanced palate and tastes. 



The rib is a force to be reckoned with at the terrace menu selection. So are the marinated steaks of different cuts. Add to that rich and hearty salads, finger food, sandwiches , pizza , pasta and saj and you will enjoy the prefect feast.

the perfect opener for any meal is a healthy salad with a light dipping sauce on the side paired with the moist homemade pita bread. Add to that a bissful plate of well-marinated grilled ribs or a succulent rib-eye seak and you are in for a treat.